If you have bacterial or fungal overgrowth – The question is WHY?
Remove, Repair, Replenish
( 60 days to heal your Guts )
A healthy Gut is the hidden key to weight loss !

• If Bacteria, Parasites and Fungus are thriving ( Hidden Stressors), the immune system is likely to

  be compromised.

• Pathogenic infection is often the result of having compromised gut function.

• How did those immunological reprobates set up shop and start doing business in your gut in

  the 1st place?

• Why did these malefactors attract other more dangerous villains critters?

You Gut to Do It!

• Most Practitioners are quick to look and kill off pathogen without restoring overall gut health

   allowing for your gut to get re-infected, perpetuating the viscous cycle.

• Malfunctions and imbalances in the gut can create a cascade throughout the body

   causing other malfunctions and imbalances to occur in the systems.

• This eventually results in the emergence of symptoms that may appear completely unrelated to gut


• Unexplained WEIGHT GAIN and NOT being able to loose it

• Headaches

• Cold and Flu

• Dripping nose

• Joint pain

• Skin rashes

• Acne

• Etc….

My approach is to permanently evict them by cleaning up the neighborhood,
So they CAN NOT reproduce anymore


• Remove:

  The villains and malefactors - GI Pathogen Screening Test

  Look at the Mucosal Barrier Integrity - Intestinal Permeability Test ( AKA  Leaky Gut – when little

  holes start to form in the lining of the gut)

  Dysbiosis – Breakdown in the balance between protective versus harmful bacteria in the gut.


• Repair:

  Mucosal Barrier Integrity Protocol

  Regenerating the mucosal lining


• Replenish

  Digestive Enzymes

  Re-inoculate healthy flora through use of supplementation ( Probiotics )



Although the gut lining is one of the quickest part of your body to heal and repair, it can take 6 months to a year to repair Leaky Gut depending

 on the severity of the damage to the lining.




Too many to be listed!! But for sure Vibrant Health!!!! Energy, Clarity, Weight loss….



Investment in your Gut’s Health - $ 497

Lab cost to be paid to the Labs :

Pathogen Screen ( including H Pylori) – $ 255

Intestinal Permeability - $ 92

When Exercise and Nutrition are not enough anymore!!!

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