( 30 days Digestion / Nutrition Tune Up ) You will be surprised of what can happen in 30 days! • Great choice for a “ Fresh Start “
• Get some clarity and answer for a few nagging health concerns
• Identify health problems related to dietary imbalance, digestion and gut function creating a cascade of dysfunction in the body systems including bloating, constipation, foul gas, heartburn, inflammation, hormone imbalance, immune diseases.

What's Involved…


• 24H Urinalysis Test.


• Screening procedure that provides information about your ability to digest and

   assimilate your diet. It also reflects on your ability to maintain nutritional and metabolic

   Homeostasis ( Equilibrium ) and reveals how the body handles 24H dietary intake.


• Online Symptoms and Survey questionnaire which provides a thorough evaluation of

   past and present status of each Body System.


• 1 x 90 mns  comprehensive personal  interview where you will undergo an in-depth

   look at your health history and the health goals you like to achieve


• 2 x 45 mns follow up sessions ( mid and end program ) to track your progress and make

  needed adjustments.


• Your personal Nutrition and Digestion program based on the conclusion of your 24H UA

   and personal evaluation with tips, resources, healthy living guidelines and my recommendation for

   targeted Enzymes and Supplements.


• E-mail support: to check in between sessions and update me in your progress and ask questions…

   I am there for you !



BENEFITS: • Set the foundation for a RENEWED sense of Well Being
• RESTORE inadequate digestion; absorption, transportation and utilization of nutrients and proper elimination
• NOURISH your organs and tissues so healing can occur
• DECREASE cravings ( you crave what you do not digest )
• LOOSE weight • GLOWING skin.
• Experience SHIFTS in your energy, mood, sleep and clarity. Investment in your Radiance Tune Up : $347.00 + Lab Fee $85
Private Health Investigator Dr. Patricia Delaere

Offering you the key to unraveling the underlying cause of:

Weight gain – Fatigue – Depression – Gut Dysfunction

Hormone imbalance

When Exercise and Nutrition are not enough anymore!!!

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