( ENERGY RECHARGE) ( Adrenal Fatigue – Stress – Hormone balancing )
3 Months to unravel Health Imbalances that are Zapping your ‘Joie de Vivre’. Ideally designed for you if: • Your exhausted all the time, You’ve GAINED WEIGHT and you got no energy. • Mentally you feel spacey, slow, fuzzy, poor concentration.
• You do not handle the stress as well as before.
• Your Doctor assures you that everything is fine, but the symptoms keep creeping. • Depression
• Poor sleep
• Night sweat
• Decrease libido
• Poor immunity
• Anxiety
• Etc….. The list is long…
Reclaim Your Energy & Bliss



You are probably one of the millions Americans that are suffering from Metabolic Chaos related to Adrenal Dysfunction, Steroidal Hormone Imbalance and Stress.


I WAS!!!!…. I had gained 30 lbs. despite exercising and eating right. Could not get up in the morning and I had to push myself through exercise and felt so tired afterward that I had to stop exercise altogether. Cravings for sugar started and the down spiral began, I was completely depleted and even working became an ordeal. As a health practitioner, I thought, “ WHAT THE HECK IS HAPPENING! “

That was before I started my own Journey in Functional Diagnostic Nutrition that allowed me to understand I was under so much stress that my body had lost its ability to modulate its functions and was on the road to further, hormone, immune and METABOLIC BREAKDOWN!!!

I was Stage III adrenal exhaustion…. OUCH !!! (See graphic below) There is NO stage IV !!!!


So, YES, I understand the complexity of the situation for having experienced it myself, and YES I will team up with you to accomplish the following:

• Get solutions, and the understanding of why you feel the way you do and how YOU CAN feel

   SOOO much better

• Demystify the unique needs of your body

• Identify the hidden stressors that are sabotaging your efforts

• Re-establish the detoxification pathway

• Get customized recommendations for your OPTIMAL Hormone Balance, Sleep, Energy level,

   Immune Function response.

• Loose the stubborn pounds

• Sound sleep

• Sustainable Energy

I do not treat symptom, I look for healing opportunities to restore balance in the body.


Investment in your “Joie de Vivre - Energy and Bliss”:

$ 897 ( $ 1244 value)


Lab cost: 24H UA - $ 85 to be paid to me

Expanded Hormones Test : To be paid to Lab ( around $198 )


NOTE : Upon my findings, your results can point to more hidden stressors needed to be removed and this may call for additional Lab tests. This is a case by case situation that will be discussed at the time.

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Private Health Investigator

Offering you the key to unraveling the underlying cause of:

Weight gain – Fatigue – Depression – Gut Dysfunction

Hormone imbalance

When Exercise and Nutrition are not enough anymore!!!

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  • The Tenets of the Package  (Click here)

    • 1 X 90 minute private “Intake Session”

          To get to know you, your health complains,  your health history, what you have tried, what is working and not working.

          The obstacles you have been facing and your wellness goals.

          In office, by phone or via Skype


    • 1 x Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Assessment

          4/5 hours of analysis of Lab tests results + investigative research to identify the “Energy Zapper” AKA Hidden Stressors and unmask

          the functions/malfunctions that need repair.


    • 90 days protocol that is uniquely yours where I put all the pieces together.

          Lab results, your health history, all assessments and my findings -   in a comprehensive Holistic picture

          from which you can  move forward in a progressive, systematic way that will get you results


    • 1 x 90 minute to 2 hours private “ Report of healing opportunities Session”

         We meet together to go through all your results. I will review and explain the lab results, my assessment, my findings,

         and the 90 days day recommendation protocol, and answer all your questions.

         In office, by phone or via Skype


    • 4 additional 45 minute private keep on track strategy sessions,

         For accountability and to keep you moving forward with your program, and to see if things are heading in the right direction.

         We will also address any needed modifications.

         By phone or via Skype


    • All sessions include detailed follow up sessions notes and action steps.


    • E-mail support: to check in between sessions and update me in your progress and ask questions… I am there for you !


    • My unrivaled, support and commitment to you from a practitioner who has been there, knows the journey,

          and draws from a place of experience and education along with compassion and intuition.




  • How it Works  (Click here)

    I use functional Lab testing to identify malfunctions at the subclinical level within the …


    • Digestion/ Detoxification

      24 H Urinalysis Test - Screening procedure that provides information about your ability

      to digest and assimilate your diet. It also reflects on your ability to maintain nutritional and

      metabolic Homeostasis ( Equilibrium ) and reveals how the body handles 24H dietary intake.


    • Hormone/Immune

      Expanded Adrenal Stress profile saliva test –   This test is a snapshot of the overall adaptive

      reserve of your Metabolism.

      Insight into the Hormonal Dynamic.

      Phases of Adrenal Dysfunction and Cortisol Dysregulation Factors.

      Evaluation of the Steroidal Hormones balance : Estriol, Estradiol, Progesterone,Dhea,

      Testosterone and Melatonin ( Circadian Rhythm )  levels


    • The D.R.E.S.S. Protocol

       Diet – Rest – Exercise – Stress reduction – Supplements.


    • Wellness Inventory :

       Comprehensive 12 key Dimensions online whole person wellbeing assessment.

      ( value $ 39.95 - Free)

      We will work on 3 dimensions of your choice that you think needs reevaluation




Doctor Pat: 310 739 2060

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