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About Dr Patricia Delaere Aka Dr PAT
Fabulously 64!!!! Patricia has an Abiding Passion for Life lived to the Fullest!


• .Patricia was born in France and when she turned 25, under the guidance of her father in law(who

    was what we would call today a Health Guru), she engaged in a quest to keep herself, her family

     and friends healthy following the principles of “The healing Power of nature”


• Along the road, she became a Reiki Practitioner and a Life Coach, guiding her clients to emotional

   balance through the Game of Transformation and Genogram (the analysis of hereditary patterns

   and psychological factors that punctuate relationships).


• At the age of 50, following a hysterectomy, menopause symptoms hit her full blast: insomnia, hot

  flashes, night sweats, flare up of asthma. She was miserable! At that time she started to work with

  the great Dr Richard Schulze and she had the good idea to try his 30 days Program for incurable

  diseases. This wiped out all her symptoms including asthma in just 30 days to never return…

  13 years ago!!!!


• This is when she realized that a complete state of wellness was interdependent with physical

   health. ..  She made the decision to go back to school to get her Doctorate in Naturopathy and start

   a new career.


• Since then she has learned to take into account the unique aspect of individual physiological,

  mental, emotional, genetic, environmental and social factors. She is also encouraging her clients to

  pursue personal Spiritual Development.


• She uses non-invasive, non-toxic Natural Therapies to restore the physiological and structural

   balance of the body.


• Most of the people know or feel that something is wrong with their health but they don t know how

   to translate it into an action plan.


• Patricia intuitively knows how to translate her client’s story, the context of their illnesses and is able

   to assign priorities among several options that may emerge.


• Her experience with Nutrition, Holistic medicine and detoxification of the body gives her invaluable

   perspective that she use successfully with her clients.


• Patricia is committed to continuing education and frequently takes trainings to learn the latest

   information to support her clients.




I am a Classical Naturopath with an expertise in Anti Aging, Digestive Problems, Adrenal and Hormone Imbalance and overall Health.

My extensive education includes:


• Doctorate in Naturopathy ( Trinity College Natural Health)

• Nutrition Counselor Certification ( Trinity College)

• certification as a Food Psychology Coach ( Spencer Institute)

• Enzyme and Digestive certification ( Loomis Institute)

• Functional Diagnosis Nutrition Certification ( FDN )

My trainings:

• Dr Schulze Program for Incurable Diseases

• Bernard Janssen Whole Body Cleansing.

• Dr Ritamarie Loscalzo Insuline Resistance – Blood Sugar Balance

• Patricia is also a talented Chef and work a few days a week as Chef/Nutritionist in a rehab center

  for teenagers in Malibu, Ca


Her life experience brought her to believe that Health is a sense of coherence and the ability to function in the face of change, in ourselves, our relationships and our environment

On a personal note Patricia is blessed with 2 beautiful children and 2 grandchildren. She lives in Venice, Ca

Doctor Pat: 310 739 2060

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